Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Painting of 2011 by September McGee, American Impressionist

"The Blues Singer II"
14" x 11" oil on museum panel

I wanted to finish off 2011 with a painting that spoke of the flavor of another wonderful year now ending.  Interestingly it ended up being one of my paintings of musicians.   But then again, what better ending!

She took three nights at the easel, when she dries I will most likely
tweek a few things here and the interim....

May your song be sung with passion, joy, love and magic


May 2012 be the year of miracles for you!


September McGee

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Framing Insights from September McGee Studios

"Music Series - Streets of New Orleans - Washboard Woman"

This is a brand new painting of a New Orleans street musician.
I was fortunate to have one of my new found friends and collectors lend me a few photos she took of the street musicians while in New Orleans that she knew I would enjoy painting...and I did! I painted "Washboard Woman" on a museum panel and had fun using a lot of color and texture to capture the vitality and spirit of this woman.

When it came to framing this piece it simply wasn't going to work to have just any 'ole frame. Yes, a frame can make or break a painting! I take great care to find the perfect frame for each of my paintings. I want the frame to accent the painting without taking away from the piece and to complement and balance the colors and subject matter. It is never about matching any particular decor, curtains or heaven forbid, a couch. The frame becomes the setting, the foundation on which to present your latest creation to the world.

I felt this particular piece would do best in a frame that reverberated the sounds of the instrument she was playing and to accent the hues, unique textures and the flavor of New Orleans! I often use beautiful gold framing and black gallery frames on many of my paintings. This time I was hunting around in the back of my framers warehouse where he stacks many unusual mouldings and came upon this gorgeous 4" frame. I knew instantly it was the perfect setting to allow the energetic ebullience of "Washboard Woman" to pop and give it the pizazz and zing this painting demanded. I wanted the final framed piece to echo her rhythmic tones.
If the viewer gets close and really listens, they are forever re-sounding.

The washboard was originally used for, you guessed it, washing clothes and found its way into the music world years ago from a mix of many wonderful cultures. Jug bands became popular in the 1920s and used washboards. Zydeco, jazz and various forms of folk music employ this unique instrument which is generally embellished with the musicians individual sounds. Bells, pots, cans, and many other fun and creative adornments add to their repertoire. Metal thimbles, guitar picks and even bottle openers are used to tap or rub rhythmically across the ribbed surface of the instrument. The washboard, or sometimes called the froittoir, is worn over the shoulders of the player like a breastplate. Many musicians spend years perfecting their washboard and novel sounds.

There is only one company left in the United States that still makes washboards, the Columbus Washboard Company located in Ohio. They began manufacturing in 1895 and continue on today... and they are helping out our troops! They are sending shipments of laundry supplies and washboards to our troops to help them with their laundry chores. And, like my art, all their products are
Made in America!
I always promote buying products made in our wonderful USA. I am proud to be an American and believe we should all invest in American made goods.

This holiday season, check out the labels on the products you are purchasing.
Buy products made in America as often as you can. Support the arts and music.
They are the gifts that last forever and enrich our lives and touch our souls.

My special thanks to Tawnya, a gorgeous woman with engaging eyes and a lovely smile - a woman with a generous heart who lends beauty wherever she goes.

Blessings of the season and the day to everyone.

September McGee

p.s. "Washboard Woman" is a 14" x 11" oil on museum panel available from my studio. She did have some pots and other accoutrements on her board, but this painting was too small to add all the detail. When and if I do a larger painting of her I will certainly add on her musical pots and bells.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Art - sweets - libations!

A special blog to invite you to my
Holiday Soiree!

Come see my new works and.....


libations, sweets, egg nog
and surprises!

Saturday, December 10th
3pm til 8 pm

here in beautiful sunny Laguna Beach
at my studio

come for an hour - stay as long as you wish!

and make a few wishes while you are here.
Everyone goes home with a surprise!!!!

email me for directions:

Hope to see you!


September McGee

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Miraculous Monday from September McGee Studios

"Cafe Series - The Hills Hotel - Bar #1 - First Date"

"The Hills Hotel - Bar #1 - First Date" is the first in this brand new series. I met this gorgeous model at my summer show and she agreed to model for me. As it turns out we did our modeling session at the Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills, CA and what a treat. There were many different locations from the lobby to the bar and more. I was in heaven - a dream location. a dream model! Jacqui was prepared with dresses and shoes and an effervescent personality. We began the modeling session and it was magic from beginning to end. Our concerted efforts paid off and I was thrilled with the incredible photographs of this beautiful woman on my camera. How lucky can you get?!

I have been biting at the bit to begin painting some of these images and plan on doing many large ones. This is a small study to get my brushes rolling and get familiar with my model. I just love the palette that evolved and the stance of this gorgeous model is so innocent and endearing.

We had so much fun doing this modeling session and I can't say thank you enough to Jacqui for her beautiful spirit, for modeling and for lending me her Dad's hotel for the evening.

On this Miraculous Monday I wish you FUN! and miracles...small and large. Look for them. You might be surprised to find them everywhere!


September McGee

Happy Miraculous Monday from September McGee Studios

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Miraculous Monday from September McGee Studios

"Couch Series - Tawnya #1"

On this Miraculous Monday I wanted to share my new oil painting of this gorgeous woman, inside and out, who posed for me while her husband cooked dinner for us - crab legs and vegetables!..and let's not forget the bubbles!!

How lucky can an artist get? Tawnya posed in another outfit and after a costume change, we moved to their living room to take these pictures. The lighting was perfect and as soon as she sat down, the photos were simply magic!!! This woman has so many different looks and each time she turned her head a new look emerged. This was truly one of those amazing nights artists dream of. YES a truly miraculous evening: great company; fabulous food and taking home treasured photos for creating masterpieces!

I have a penchant for figurative works and I just love to paint women, one of God's loveliest creations! This painting took a while to come to its fruition. Now that I have figured out the composition and palette I am pleased with the results. "Couch Series - Tawyna #1" is an oil on linen, 24" x 18".

Thank you Tawnya. Thank you Mike. You both ROCK!

Monday Blessings,

September McGee


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Being Grateful on Thankful Thursday!

"Pacific Symphony - Tuba #1"

I am so grateful for music. Often, I hear songs that make my heart melt. My soul is moved as the notes resonate within me. Even the sounds of birds singing make me stop, listen, smile.
I often wonder if music evolved from the birds chirping their incredible heavenly notes. Not a day goes by without my daily dose of these audible miraculous sounds.

Over a year ago I was fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph the musicians of the Pacific Symphony here in Orange County, CA as they played their magnificent music at the Segerstrom Concert Hall. This amazing group of extraordinary talent come together and magic happens. I watch in awe and listen. Heaven on earth.

In creating this latest addition to my series, "Pacific Symphony - Tuba #1", I can still hear the notes resounding as my brushstrokes rendered the colors and textures of the painting. I strive to honor the musicians and their music and yet at the same time allow the creative process to flow. I am honored to know the Conductor, Carl St. Clair personally and been fortunate to meet several of these amazing musicians.
I am so grateful to have their music always lingering in my heart and for their continued diligent efforts to present us with some of the most incredible music. Thank you.

Art and music have a lot in common. Music can make you happy...heal stress...and it has been discovered that listening to great music like Mozart et al can improve your IQ. Looking at art has similar effects. When we look at beautiful art, we are drawn in and held captive, if only for a moment, as this creative image resonates with our own magnificence...and we are all truly magnificent!

Today, put on some great music. Dance if you can. Look at some great art
and honor the creative spirit within yourself. Come back and see all the latest inspirations coming out of my studio. For a personal tour email me:

Smile and be grateful!


September McGee

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Thankful Thursday!

"Cafe Series - Bordeau Reflections"
oil on Museum Panel

This rendering reminds me how grateful I am to paint. These little studies can be so much fun and when the paint is flowing - let it flow!

Life itself generally ebbs and flows...every circumstance bearing gifts for us to open. How we choose to handle each moment is always up to us...we choose, we always the every only moment of NOW!
I find it way more fun to choose to be happy...particularly knowing every thought - word - action is coming back to me in one way or another.

Creating is a process that flows through us - not from us!
Letting go of how the piece is going to turn out allows for true creativity to flow. Trying to push the rendering in one direction or another can block the pathway to its fruition. The trick - get out of the way!

The same holds true for life. Decide what it is you want then get out of your own way and let the universe bring it to you....I guarantee (like so many brushstrokes that came out of the ethers) the universe will deliver far greater than you ever imagined!!!

"Bordeau Reflections" is a brand new oil on Museum panel that just rolled off my brushes. This is a painting of a beautiful woman, inside and out, who has modeled for me twice. Often the second session is more relaxed and we both know what to expect from each other... and the creativity flows.

Did you know that if you say "hmmmmmmmmm" out loud you cannot criticize yourself while saying it. Try it next time you find yourself repeating limited vocables to yourself. Relax, turn off the "neggies" and let it all flow.

My plan is to do a large painting from this study. The color palette will probably change as will the strokes and flavor of the painting.

I am so grateful to this wonderful woman who has come into my life, and also become a dear friend!
What more can you ask for!

Blessings on this Thankful Thursday,


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Terrific Tuesday from September McGee Studios

"Pacific Symphony Series - The Timpanist #1"

This painting is the newest in my "Pacific Symphony Series"! The piece is loaded with thick textured bravado brushstrokes with an energy to coincide with the temperament of the music. You can almost hear the beat of the drums! I had fun working on this oil painting and juxtaposed the complementary colors to
not only add form but also give the piece it's own pulse and rhythm.

The Pacific Symphony orchestra has more talent than you can imagine. When these musicians come together for a performance it is simply magic. From the moment the Conductor, Carl St. Clair raises his baton, until the last note resonates in the Segerstrom Concert Hall, the enchantment lingers.

I have had the honor of painting some of these musicians. My goal is to not only render a great painting, but to use my unique style, palette and brushstrokes to honor the musicians and their amazing music!

This is a painting of Todd Miller, Timpanist with the Pacific Symphony - a master of his craft. Mr. Miller is one of the founding members of the Pacific Symphony and it is my honor to present this new addition to this series.

Thank you to all musicians at the Pacific Symphony and everywhere!
Note to self - keep those notes resonating!

Please view my new works and join my blog!

With gratitude and blessings,

September McGee

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Miraculous Monday from September McGee Studios

"Street Musicians - New Orleans #1"
16" x 20" oil on linen

I completed this painting the evening before my birthday so it has the unique distinction of being the very last piece of the last year of my life!

At any point along the way in this creative process I felt confident about stopping, but I wanted to bring the figures to a point where they held considerable form, give detail to their features, and in doing so, become familiar with these musicians. I could almost hear their music with each stroke.
My plan is to do this image again in a larger format, and to also paint them in pastels! Often I do images in both oils and pastels and sometimes in watercolor or mixed media. Becoming familiar with my subject matter allows me the freedom to be more abstract and freer with color, technique and brushstrokes as I continue on in the series. Familiarity does breed a liberation to focus on the creative process and less on the literal.

I enjoyed this painting. It made me long for a trip to New Orleans. I have not been there since the 80s!!! Mike & Tawnya Bond, collectors and now friends, took this photo
while they were there and knew I would enjoy painting these musicians. I do love to paint musicians - I love music! I spent considerable time formatting the image prior to painting and I wanted to zoom in and capture the essence of the boys on the streets entertaining the passerbys!

Thanks for the music! Thanks to Tawnya and Mike
and I am always grateful for the privilege of being an artist!

This week I am commencing my new year on gratitude and blessings.
I have decided to make my blog my newsletter, so sign up and
keep in touch!

With thanks and blessings on this Miraculous Monday!

September McGee


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Thankful Thursday from September McGee

"Nude Series - The Kimono"

My birthday is tomorrow. That makes today my last day of another birthday year! It is generally a reflective time for me and after just closing a two month summer show I worked daily - double reflective! Whew!!! Being 'out there' diurnal for months, now is a time of recoiling. A time to take it all in, and stir it up. Time to create a mixture never before created.
Yes, this is my juncture to up my game; to fearlessly dive into the unknown. Whatever happens the ride will be full of wonder. I can only pray I remain calm and focused with
unequaled humor as I forge forward.

I was planning on blogging to express some views as an artist - more or less
streams of words - that somehow express insights endlessly plaguing the creative mind.
I will save this for a later blog as I must now return to my easel to finish
my last painting of this year!

"Nude Series - The Kimono" is an oil on museum board that I painted about three years ago. I had shown her once, but, she has sat in my studio awaiting. I picked her up at the conclusion of the summer show and decided she was a good painting...but I wanted to make her GREAT!
It took a few more sessions that I planned (there is a tendency when changing one little thing to watch it grow, without notice, substantially). I probably had four sessions at the easel with her. Finally, last night I popped a few more highlights at the edges of her hair and added a little more of a yellow hue to the sil.... Finito!

I am so much happier with the piece.
Often our creations sit around waiting for us to be at the space and time to be finished.

I am starting a new space and time.

Check back in first of the week!


September McGee

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Thankful Thursday from September McGee

"Pacific Symphony -The Cellists #2"

On this Thursday there is so much to be thankful for!

"Pacific Symphony - The Cellists #2" is an original pastel
on panel that is heading off for its second National Juried Exhibition!

"Cellists #2" was just accepted into the
Connecticut Pastel Society 18th Annual National Exhibition
which opens on my birthday!!!!
show runs: September 30 - November 13, 2011
at the Mattatuck Museum
in Waterbury, CT

I have recently been accepted in SIX national/international juried
exhibitions -----

Thursday Blessings!

September McGee

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


"Cafe Series - Sunday Afternoon"
Pastel on Board

Summer show is over - A huge success!

I am back in my studio with new found energy
for brand new creations....
but while the show was going I also
was juried into FIVE national juried exhibitions!!!!!

"Sunday Afternoon" was juried into the PSWC National Exhibition 2011
and I received my Signature Member Honor with the PSWC,
making it my second Signature member Honor.

"Sunday Afternoon" was just also juried into
Chicago Pastel Painters,
Third Biennial National Juried Exhibition!

The show opens September 15th
and run through October 28, 2011
at theMayslake Peabody Estate
1717 West 31st Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Check back for more juried exhibition updates and
feel free to contact me information on paintings and commissions.

and visit:

Have a blessed day!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exciting News from September McGee

Main Beach II, Laguna, CA
Oil on museum panel


September McGee's painting, "Main Beach II"
was selected as the
2011 Sawdust Festival Poster!

Come visit us at the Sawdust Festival
June 24 - August 28, 2011
10 am to 10 pm

September's booth is #408

Giclees of the painting will be available
NEW works!

to get a sneak preview go to:

new email:



Monday, April 18, 2011

Marvelous Monday Creations with American Impressionist Artist September McGee

24" x 18" oil on Senso Linen

This is a brand new painting of a gorgeous woman who posed for me with her trumpet.
She was not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well...and so was her outfit! 
The ruffles and jacket were so much fun to paint. 
I put the foccus on Tawyna's eyes, which are just captivating
and the light and shadow created in the studio truly lent a wonderful
atmosphere to the piece.

It takes several weeks to create a rendering of this size and work on all the details of the 
hands and instrument. It was truly my privilege to have the opportunity to
paint this lovely woman and it is my honor to get to know her as each
stroke brings the painting to completion.

I present this new painting today to share!  Please enjoy!

Monday Blessings!

September McGee

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breaking News! from American Impressionist Artist September McGee

   "Streets of New York - American Grille"
    Original oil on Museum panel

September McGee was just named an Elected Member of the
Allied Artists of America Society in New York!

In celebration of this special event, September has just released her latest painting from her
Streets of New York series, "American Grille"!

This painting is loaded with colorful and deftly rendered brush strokes and textures. These pieces take weeks to complete and are a must see!  To get more information email the artist at:

and view more of her recent works at:

Have a wonderful  and blessed Wednesday!

September McGee

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newest Creation from American Impressionist September McGee

Beach Series - The Yellow Sailboat III,  28" x 28" oil on canvas

The Yellow Sailboat III is my latest painting from my Beach Series!
I created this piece for a lovely woman named Karla,
who commissioned me to paint this little boy at the beach for
her new beach home in Belevedere because it reminds
her of her son when he was a little boy.

I had so much fun painting this little boy with his
yellow sailboat.  Yellow is the color of fun, so it is
no wonder that this was truly an enjoyable creation!
The blues and yellows and subtle grays lend a warm
and inviting feeling to this special moment in time.

I accept a limited number of commissions throughout
the year.  If you would like to capture a special
memory to be created just for you please
email me at:

Have a blessed Tuesday!

September McGee

September McGee is a National Award Winning Artist
living in Laguna Beach.
  Her works are held in many collections,
public and private throughout
the world.
View her  extensive resume and works at:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011! Monday Blessings from American Impressionist September McGee


This is a commissioned painting of a beautiful woman named Lorrie,
who is a prominent dermatologist in Orange County, CA.
Lorrie graduated summa cum laude  from Rutgers University and  is currently one
of the top ten dermatologists in the United States.
Winner of the "Patients Choice Award" Dr. Lorrie Klein
now spends her days helping women become more beautiful!

"Lorrie" is an original oil on linen, 30" x 24".  I wanted to
capture her blue eyes and have them draw you into the
painting as she plays the piano.

This has become one of my favorite paintings!
 I am thrilled with the final rendering and believe I
captured the true essence of this wonderful woman.

Wishing you all joy, wonder, laughter
and good health this new year.
May 2011 be your best year ever!!!


September McGee