Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Thankful Thursday!

"Cafe Series - Bordeau Reflections"
oil on Museum Panel

This rendering reminds me how grateful I am to paint. These little studies can be so much fun and when the paint is flowing - let it flow!

Life itself generally ebbs and flows...every circumstance bearing gifts for us to open. How we choose to handle each moment is always up to us...we choose, we always the every only moment of NOW!
I find it way more fun to choose to be happy...particularly knowing every thought - word - action is coming back to me in one way or another.

Creating is a process that flows through us - not from us!
Letting go of how the piece is going to turn out allows for true creativity to flow. Trying to push the rendering in one direction or another can block the pathway to its fruition. The trick - get out of the way!

The same holds true for life. Decide what it is you want then get out of your own way and let the universe bring it to you....I guarantee (like so many brushstrokes that came out of the ethers) the universe will deliver far greater than you ever imagined!!!

"Bordeau Reflections" is a brand new oil on Museum panel that just rolled off my brushes. This is a painting of a beautiful woman, inside and out, who has modeled for me twice. Often the second session is more relaxed and we both know what to expect from each other... and the creativity flows.

Did you know that if you say "hmmmmmmmmm" out loud you cannot criticize yourself while saying it. Try it next time you find yourself repeating limited vocables to yourself. Relax, turn off the "neggies" and let it all flow.

My plan is to do a large painting from this study. The color palette will probably change as will the strokes and flavor of the painting.

I am so grateful to this wonderful woman who has come into my life, and also become a dear friend!
What more can you ask for!

Blessings on this Thankful Thursday,


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Terrific Tuesday from September McGee Studios

"Pacific Symphony Series - The Timpanist #1"

This painting is the newest in my "Pacific Symphony Series"! The piece is loaded with thick textured bravado brushstrokes with an energy to coincide with the temperament of the music. You can almost hear the beat of the drums! I had fun working on this oil painting and juxtaposed the complementary colors to
not only add form but also give the piece it's own pulse and rhythm.

The Pacific Symphony orchestra has more talent than you can imagine. When these musicians come together for a performance it is simply magic. From the moment the Conductor, Carl St. Clair raises his baton, until the last note resonates in the Segerstrom Concert Hall, the enchantment lingers.

I have had the honor of painting some of these musicians. My goal is to not only render a great painting, but to use my unique style, palette and brushstrokes to honor the musicians and their amazing music!

This is a painting of Todd Miller, Timpanist with the Pacific Symphony - a master of his craft. Mr. Miller is one of the founding members of the Pacific Symphony and it is my honor to present this new addition to this series.

Thank you to all musicians at the Pacific Symphony and everywhere!
Note to self - keep those notes resonating!

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With gratitude and blessings,

September McGee

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Miraculous Monday from September McGee Studios

"Street Musicians - New Orleans #1"
16" x 20" oil on linen

I completed this painting the evening before my birthday so it has the unique distinction of being the very last piece of the last year of my life!

At any point along the way in this creative process I felt confident about stopping, but I wanted to bring the figures to a point where they held considerable form, give detail to their features, and in doing so, become familiar with these musicians. I could almost hear their music with each stroke.
My plan is to do this image again in a larger format, and to also paint them in pastels! Often I do images in both oils and pastels and sometimes in watercolor or mixed media. Becoming familiar with my subject matter allows me the freedom to be more abstract and freer with color, technique and brushstrokes as I continue on in the series. Familiarity does breed a liberation to focus on the creative process and less on the literal.

I enjoyed this painting. It made me long for a trip to New Orleans. I have not been there since the 80s!!! Mike & Tawnya Bond, collectors and now friends, took this photo
while they were there and knew I would enjoy painting these musicians. I do love to paint musicians - I love music! I spent considerable time formatting the image prior to painting and I wanted to zoom in and capture the essence of the boys on the streets entertaining the passerbys!

Thanks for the music! Thanks to Tawnya and Mike
and I am always grateful for the privilege of being an artist!

This week I am commencing my new year on gratitude and blessings.
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With thanks and blessings on this Miraculous Monday!

September McGee