Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Terrific Tuesday from September McGee Studios

"Pacific Symphony Series - The Timpanist #1"

This painting is the newest in my "Pacific Symphony Series"! The piece is loaded with thick textured bravado brushstrokes with an energy to coincide with the temperament of the music. You can almost hear the beat of the drums! I had fun working on this oil painting and juxtaposed the complementary colors to
not only add form but also give the piece it's own pulse and rhythm.

The Pacific Symphony orchestra has more talent than you can imagine. When these musicians come together for a performance it is simply magic. From the moment the Conductor, Carl St. Clair raises his baton, until the last note resonates in the Segerstrom Concert Hall, the enchantment lingers.

I have had the honor of painting some of these musicians. My goal is to not only render a great painting, but to use my unique style, palette and brushstrokes to honor the musicians and their amazing music!

This is a painting of Todd Miller, Timpanist with the Pacific Symphony - a master of his craft. Mr. Miller is one of the founding members of the Pacific Symphony and it is my honor to present this new addition to this series.

Thank you to all musicians at the Pacific Symphony and everywhere!
Note to self - keep those notes resonating!

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With gratitude and blessings,

September McGee