Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday wishes for a wonderful weekend from Laguna Beach artist September McGee

"Streets of New York - The Red Umbrella"
Award of Distinction Winner!

This painting is an oil on Italian panel
and is part of my Rainy Day Series.

Fabulous Friday and its a full moon!
Make your special wishes to
the moon tonight and bathe
in the beautiful light
shining down on earth.
It's  a wonderful site to
see the full moon rising
as the sun sets.

Remember to get out enjoy!
Check out some beautiful
art on this special full moon
event too!

September McGee

woman artist, Laguna Beach Artist,
Impressionist Artist, oil painter
American Impressionist Artist

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Every day is a new beginning - I am grateful for each new day!

"Angel of Gratitude"

The "Angel of Gratitude"
mixed media with gold leaf
on board

Each day we have the choice of choosing
each second how we feel.
Choose happiness!
Choose laughter!
Choose helping others!
Choose moving forward!
Choose positive words
and actions!
Choose being the BEST
person you can be!
Choose being GRATEFUL
for all you have!

Today I wanted to share this angel
with you to bless your day as she
does mine each and every morning.

I am so grateful to be an artist
and share my works with so
many wonderful collectors.
It is a gift I am grateful for each
and every day.

I am grateful to my sisters,
my friends,
my daughter Kailee
and to everyone who blesses
my life.

Thank you.

September McGee

"Angel of Gratitude" is available
from my studio.

oil painter, woman artist, impressionist artist,
american impressionist, kailee mcgee
laguna beach artist

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mid week creations!

"Cafe Series" - Kailee"

This is an original oil painting
on linen. My daughter posed
for this piece, Kailee McGee.
 She is fabulous.
She has been posing since
she was born and is a
natural and gorgeous too!

This impressionist painting
is on display at Cerriones Cafe
6606 Collins Ave.
No. Miami Beach, Flordia

The food is superb here and
the terrimasu out of this
Great food and art - you
can't beat that.

Any time of the week is a good
time to create!
Mid week creations are
always fun.

Wishing you a fabulous

Septmber McGee

american artist, woman artist, oil painter, impressionist
painter, american impressionist, Laguna Beach artist

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creating Creating Creating...each day is our own creation!

"Cafe Series - Chardonnay Thoughts"

This painting is a pastel that has
received several awards and
been accepted
into many national
juried shows!

Every day is another opportunity to
create something new.
In the life of an artist we have to
grab every chance to

Life is like that.
We can create fun,
laughter, unlimited

As an artist we can
create wealth out of
nothing just by using
our imagination.

Wishing you all a
day of creating...
laughter without limits,
a day with more joy
packed it into,
more fun
unlimited possibilities.

Happy Tuesday

September McGee

Artist from Laguna Beach, CA
oil painter, woman artist,
american impressionist
Rainy Day Series

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Beginnings!

"Couch Series - Chardonnay"

Monday is a great day for beginnings.  New beginnings!
Take time today to sit and reflect on your weekly goals.
Take time today to be with the ones you love.
Take time today for yourself.  Be good to yourself today.
Wishing you all a happy Monday and a wonderful week.
My series of women enjoying their libations is one of my
favorites.  This painting - Couch Series - Chardonnay depicts
a beautiful woman enjoying a glass of chardonnay! 
It is an original oil on linen and is currently
on display at the
Cottage Galllery, 1524 PCH, Laguna Beach, CA. 
Take time today to enjoy some art.  Remember to save
the date March 20th for my One Woman Show!
May your day be blessed with laughter and joy and surprises!
September McGee
American woman artist, oil painter, Impressionist Artist, Laguna Beach Artist
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Special Invitation to the IAPS International Show Tonight!

"Streets of New York - The Sriped Umbrella"

Happy weekend!
The City of Brea Art Gallery
is hosting the International Pastels 15th Annual
Juried Competition.

Opening reception is tonight
Saturday January 23 from 7 - 9 pm

Come see my painting on exhibit and
many others in a highly competitive

Should be outstanding!
Refreshments and live music.

Now that the rain has subsided
get out and see some amazing
art and mingle with artists
and collectors!!

If you miss it check out my new works at:

See you there!
September McGee

American figurative artist from Laguna Beach, CA!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy Days and Fridays are creative Days!

"Streets of New York - Times Square November Rain on 47th Street"

Rain Rain Rain!!!
Another great day for indoor creativity!

My Rainy Day paintings are fun to paint
and I enjoy the results with all the petites touches!

Very impressionistic and full of color
and deftly rendered strokes these oil paintings
are part of my new series.

See more at

Thanks for enjoying my art!

September McGee

American woman artist from Laguna Beach, CA

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Rainy Day Greetings from Laguna Beach Artist September McGee

"Streets of New York - El Miro Cafe"

Another rainy day in southern California!

Its a wonderful day for creativity and indoor
fun or getting outside with umbrellas
and splashing in puddles!

View my Rainy Day series at

As an oil painter and woman artist I
do love the rain. This painting is done
in impressionist style in oil on linen.

Have a great day!

September McGee

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Rainy Day from American Impressionist Artist September McGee

"Streets of New York - Bus Stop II"

The rain is always beautiful
and when it's a warm and soft rain
even more so.
This is the latest painting in my series!

Wishing you all a warm and safe
rainy day week!

Check out my Rainy Day Series!

Have a fabulous day!

September McGee

Laguna Beach artist, woman artist, oil painter

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautiful women paintings from American Impressionism Artist

"Champagne Thoughts"

Woman are so beautiful and it is always an honor to paint them.
This is an oil painting on linen with lots of impressionstic strokes.

As a woman and Laguna Beach artist I am thrilled to offer my new 2010 Woman Series, Streets of New York, Music Series and ever so popular Rainy Day Series.

Check them out at:

Thanks for enjoying my art!

September McGee

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year for new creations from American Impressionist Artist September McGee

"Under The Red Umbrella IV"

Creating new and exciting paintings this year I am
dedicated to my goals of offering colorful
and impressionist paintings in oil and pastel!
My "Rainy Day" series is quite popular and my
women enjoying their libations remains
viewers favorite.

As a woman artist in Laguna Beach, CA I am blessed.
I have returned to the easel with a new found energy and vigor and the
results are amazing.  Several paintings are heading out
of my studio for national juried competitions this
week.  Stay tuned for information on these
fabulous upcoming national/international shows.

September McGee

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Keeping the New Year fun and attaining your dreams with American Impressionist Artist September McGee

graces the window of the Cottage Gallery
Laguna Beach, CA

Having had such an accomplished year in 2009 culminating with attaining the
Honorable level of Signature Membership with the
Connecticut Pastel Society
bigger dreams are in the works for 2010!

Dreams are meant to come true! Dream big!
This is going to be a tremendous year.
Celebrate your dreams.  Take action.
And most of all.....believe!

Here's to wonderful art and dreams
come true!
Look for more of my figurative art coming soon.

Bet wishes,

September McGee

Laguna Beach Artist
Woman artist
American Impressionist Artist

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blessings of the New Year from American Impressionist Artist September McGee

"Blues Series - The Blues Singer"

Where would we be without music. As an American figurative artist music makes my work that much easier. Art and music!!! Two must haves in our worlds.  Both have been around since early mankind and let's ensure that both remain a true constant in our world forever.

Hoping all your New Year resolutions are going well.
If you are having trouble keeping them listen to some music
and look at some wonderful art.  Both, I promise, will uplift you
to new heights of happiness.

To view more of my music series go to:

September McGee, American Impressionist Artist
Laguna Beach, CA

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Breaking News from American Impressionist September McGee

"Couch Series - Red Wine"

Laguna Beach artist, September McGee,
was just honored with
Signature Status at the
Connecticut Pastel Society!
As a professional woman painter, McGee has earned
over fifteen National Juried Show Awards
and has now been elevated to Signature Status.

September is versatile in many mediums,
oils, pastels, sculpture and mixed media.
Her penchant for figurative work is ongoing.

September is a California based artist and has
just released several new exciting series.  Her distinctive style blends
Impressionism and Realism resulting in expressive paintings
that have received critical acclaim.

Stay in touch for future updates.

September McGee

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new Year from American Impressionist Artist September McGee

Angel of Gratitude

Happy New Year.  Welcome to 2010!!!!
This is going to be a tremendous year.

Hope you all got to see the Blue Moon last night
and how gorgeous and brilliant the moon was.
This is rare to have a blue moon on the last day of the year. 
All said...a great omen.
I am sending all of you the Angel of Gratitude to remind us all
to count our blessings today and
make room for wonderful new blessings
heading our way this year.

I am very grateful to be an American.
I am even more grateful to be a woman artist
and published author and to be able to continue
to create paintings and offer my art
to the world.  It is a joy to live in California
and Laguna Beach is just beautiful.

My newest pastels and oil paintings have garnished
so many awards and this year I plan to raise the bar even further.
As an American Impressionist I am proud
to be an artist and I thank you all
for enjoying my art.

I wish all of you the best year ever!
To good health, lots of laughter,
wonderment and of course
great art!

All the best

September McGee

p.s. look for tomorrows blog....breaking news on
latest art award and honor!