Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Thankful Thursday from September McGee

"Nude Series - The Kimono"

My birthday is tomorrow. That makes today my last day of another birthday year! It is generally a reflective time for me and after just closing a two month summer show I worked daily - double reflective! Whew!!! Being 'out there' diurnal for months, now is a time of recoiling. A time to take it all in, and stir it up. Time to create a mixture never before created.
Yes, this is my juncture to up my game; to fearlessly dive into the unknown. Whatever happens the ride will be full of wonder. I can only pray I remain calm and focused with
unequaled humor as I forge forward.

I was planning on blogging to express some views as an artist - more or less
streams of words - that somehow express insights endlessly plaguing the creative mind.
I will save this for a later blog as I must now return to my easel to finish
my last painting of this year!

"Nude Series - The Kimono" is an oil on museum board that I painted about three years ago. I had shown her once, but, she has sat in my studio awaiting. I picked her up at the conclusion of the summer show and decided she was a good painting...but I wanted to make her GREAT!
It took a few more sessions that I planned (there is a tendency when changing one little thing to watch it grow, without notice, substantially). I probably had four sessions at the easel with her. Finally, last night I popped a few more highlights at the edges of her hair and added a little more of a yellow hue to the sil.... Finito!

I am so much happier with the piece.
Often our creations sit around waiting for us to be at the space and time to be finished.

I am starting a new space and time.

Check back in first of the week!


September McGee