Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from September McGee


I am so grateful to all my collectors and friends!
Thank you for enjoying my work your continued support, your friendship and most of all, YOU! 

YOU complete the circle of creativity -
idea - art - collector

You make it possible for me to continue offering
works that are innovative, timeless and engaging...
and rising in value.

May all the good things in life be yours in abundance, 
not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year.


September McGee

Elected Member: Allied Artists, NY
and Salmagundi Club, NY

I wish you great health, prosperity and lots of laughter this holiday season!
The Red Bow
The Red Bow
NEW! Oil on panel
Showcasing at the Juried Thumb-Box exhibition at the Salmagundi Club, NY
Laguna Beach #5
Laguna Beach #5
Oil on panel - NEW!
At the Met Series - Love In The City
At the Met Series - Love In The City
NEW - oil on Senso Linen
The Yellow Hat
The Yellow Hat
NEW oil on panel

My new book
LOVE is my favorite COLOR
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34 illustrations and words of inspiration - hardcover!

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LOVE is my favorite COLOR


Friday, February 6, 2015

Featured artist September McGee with the Pastel Society of the West Coast!

This article just came out! beautifully written by Jan Thomas.   I painted the Maestro in oil initially and then decided to do it in a pastel.  Let me know what you think!
I love both mediums and it is often fun to create the same painting in pastel and oil!

September McGee

PSWC Banner 
September McGee
Elected Member: Allied Artists, NY
Salmagundi Club, NY
Maestro-by September McGee
Maestro II, pastel by September McGee

Talking with September McGee is a bit like being on a whirling carnival ride. She exudes all the energy one sees in her colorful, expressionistic paintings. A self-described American impressionist, her unique and readily recognizable style has developed through many years of confident exploration and experimentation and continues to evolve.  An early memory is of a painting done in the third grade. Daring to paint outside the lines, she created a painting from her imagination of a conductor leading a choir of singers for which she won her first award. This experience fueled her lifetime commitment to being innovative in her paintings.

As a young, single mother, September was unable to attend classes or workshops to develop her skills. So, true to her independent nature, she taught herself by visiting art museums and shows and analyzing the work of other artists, particularly the early French and American Impressionists. She fearlessly continued painting, always willing to try something new and challenging. Now an artist with impressive credentials, she confided that one motivation for entering shows, winning awards and applying for membership in such prestigious organizations as the Salmagundi Club and Allied Artists of America, is to challenge herself, to raise the bar.  She does not want to be a formula painter, but one whose paintings reflect her fresh, vibrant attitude.
When asked how she developed the unique linear strokes seen in both her oil and pastel paintings she says she learned early on to remind herself every day to "let go and get out of the way." "I let the energy come through me," she says. The expressive quality of her strokes evolved over time as she allowed herself to experiment and have fun. She admits it is not always easy to stay loose. When she catches herself over-thinking a painting she will step back from it, or put it aside for a while until she can approach it again intuitively. She feeds her passion for innovation in her work by trying new materials: new pastel brands, new colors, new substrates. Each change or addition creates a different result in her work, which then serves as inspiration for her next painting.

Despite her energetic, positive nature, September admits that she is emerging from a time of doubt and dissatisfaction with her work. She now recognizes this as a time of transition, causing her to stop and listen to her intuition. It was a break-though which is fueling her current creativity.

September's pastels start out as very loose underpaintings on toned paper. She uses a large brush to apply Charvin Pastel Painting Sticks, and various pastels, mixed with water to the paper, much like paint. She says this produces "something magical, a creamy, dreamy" surface on which to start layering other pastels. The substrate has to be substantial enough to take her "aggressive" application of pastel, and she prefers Art Spectrum Colourfix , Richeson and Ampersand Pastel boardsFavored pastels are Terry Ludwig, Great American, Schminke and Sennelier half sticks. Derwent and CarbOthello pastel pencils are used for finishing details. September says she starts a painting without a specific idea about what it will look like, always reminding herself to keep it loose. Always happy to help other artists and share what she knows,September invites questions about her materials, resources or processes.

She encourages other artists to define themselves in their work. "Classes and workshops are great, but it is important to find your own voice."

Always challenging herself, she says her goal this year is to do "bigger, important work." Time will tell how that desire will manifest, but it will undoubtedly be an exciting ride---for her and for her followers.

Symphony,  pastel by September McGee



"Maestro" oil on linen by September McGee

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


"You want WHAAAT! for Christmas!?"

Holidays are so wonderful -  a time for festivities, laughter and joy!
This is the time of year for family gatherings - friends, and creating memories to last
throughout the year.

As an artist, my paintings are such an integral part of me. 
I spend so much time dreaming of them, nurturing them, worrying about them, enjoying them and often loving them, much like a family.  When they are finished they leave the nest and find new homes where they are loved and enjoyed.  
It's a wonderful cycle.  My family circle  thus extends to include
my collectors and admirers.

I wanted to thank you, my family, at this special time of year.  Tonite marks the beginning of Hanukkah and there are only NINE days until Christmas. 
(9 is My number! September is the 9th month).

As I close this year  I am finishing my last large painting of 2014.  I would love to show you, but it's not finished.  So check back in a few days...
This new oil is a very special one from my Symphony Series. 
Where would we be without music and art?!

I do plan on finally creating my newsletter commencing 2015.  It's a great way to stay in touch with me, learn about upcoming art events, juried exhibitions,  and be the first to view new works as they are being created.  It is going to be fun, informative
and will keep you apprised with "the arts" from an artista!

Holiday Blessings,

                                                   September McGee

Art makes the best gift.  It lasts many lifetimes. I have some wonderful holiday specials that are irresistible.  It's the perfect time to add to your collection, whether you've been naughty or nice!

Temptations -  most first time offers!

"Santa Series - I'm Done!"

"The Snowman - Made in America"

"You Want WHAT for Christmas"

"Love Under the Red Umbrella #11"
oil on paper

Email me for your special present!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Giving Thanks and Being Grateful!


I am so grateful to all my collectors and friends!
Thank you for enjoying my work
your continued support,
your friendship
and most of all, YOU! 

YOU complete the circle of creativity -
idea  -  art  -  collector

You make it possible for me to continue offering
works that are innovative, timeless and engaging...
and rising in value.

I am so grateful to all of you who have purchased my art over the years.
Knowing my paintings are loved and enjoyed makes my heart glad.

As my special ways of saying thanks please accept my gift of
35% off any original painting in my collection.*

May all the good things in life be yours in abundance, 
not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year.


September McGee

Elected Member:  Allied Artists, NY
and Salmagundi Club, NY

(If you don't already own one of my paintings, now would be the perfect time!
Here is a sampling for your perusal.)

(*Offer is valid thru December 31, 2014)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Remembering" a new pastel painting from start to finish

Sometimes it takes me hours to decide on my next painting.  I have painted this model before and enjoyed the process and results. I am very particular with my substrates, paints and pastels and always want to offer quality archival works.  I chose a 16" x 12" Colourfix panel and sketched her in place. I  began with the face as this will be my focal point and set the mood and color palette.  I did not plan on these hues in her skin color, but for one reason or another they seemed to be working, so I just went with it.  This is the initial block in and design.

I was happy with the piece thus far, but decided a few changes were in order.  I worked on her dress and changed the background and began defining her arms and couch and some details on the pillows.

I changed the background from two paintings to one long piece.  I wanted the pillow behind her to looked fluffed up and fun which I created from my imagination.  The red foreground pillow was punched in to set the tone on the couch. I always take photos as I move along in a painting and definitely upload them the next morning to compare how the painting is progressing.  This has always proven very helpful.  Sometimes I wish I hadn't touched the painting in certain areas, and sometimes I see how much better it is for my due diligence.  The former is tortuous - the latter  a sigh of relief.   

I worked on her pretty face and softened her features.  You can see I painted the wine glass and her diamond bracelet.  I re-worked the background, which is never my favorite part of a painting.  I really just like painting eyes, noses and mouths....and hands!  I applied my unique strokes on her dress with a variety of blues and purples and some reds.  Looking at a close up of her face allowed me to see any features that might need more work.  A good painter knows when to stop!  As a perfectionist, I often want to make it better - or perfect - and I have to be careful not to overwork a painting or ruin it in the process.

"Remembering" pastel, 16" x 12"

I did spend considerable time on her dress, her hands and the couch to complete the painting...and yes, I created that fluff around the pillow to bring  the couch color into that area.  I am happy with the painting and decide she is finished!  

"Remembering" was just juried into the Connecticut Pastel Society 21st Annual Renaissance in Pastel, 2014 juried exhibition.  
There were 371 entries and 94 paintings were selected for this show.  
The exhibition will be held at:

The Slater Museum
108 Crescent Street, Norwich, CT
  October 8 - November 9, 2014

Artists reception:  October 19th
2 - 4 pm

This is the framing I chose to complement the painting!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the progression of this painting.  Please leave me your comments and feel free to peruse
my website and new works!

Thank you!  Blessings,

September McGee

View more of my new works!
Elected Member Allied Artists, NY

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

View a NEW oil painting from START to FINISH!

"Sidewalk Cafe #2"

This is one of those paintings I wanted to paint for years and years.  The energy was finally there and I was ready to begin.  Sometimes it takes hours to choose the right photo. The next decisions are which substrate to paint on and what size to use.  I chose a 12" x 16" which is one of my favorite smaller sizes.  I then selected a beautiful Raphael Premium Archival Panel as my substrate.  These panels are gorgeous - expensive - but gorgeous to paint on. Each decision will determine the style and brushes I will use in my creative process.
I sketched the image onto the panel and began with the background.  I never start my paintings the same way. I don't want to become a formula painter so I mix it up. When figures with faces are my subject  I generally begin with the face. In this case, I began with the background. The panel is so fabulous  the paint just flows. 

 I chose bristle filberts as my choice for brushes - I was going for texture!

I was happy with the composition and placement of figures in this outside cafe.  You can see on the lower right I have a figure on a bicycle.  I wanted to lay down a base to serve as my underpainting.  Now I will proceed to the figures.

I am happy with the color palette evolving.  The building is a beautiful yellow.  I love to paint with yellow which is the color of FUN! I have to make several adjustments to the waiter and people at the table to make this piece readable.

I now have all the characters in place and I need to decide on the sidewalk and details on the figures and windows. This cafe is going to need some wording in the windows.  It is taking on a nice painterly effect and I add in some red to the windows (I have to put RED in almost every painting.  It is my signature color!)   I worked on the door on the left and omitted most of the detail.  I punched up the door with a green hue.  The fun expressionist strokes on the sidewalk will probably have to go to make way for the final sidewalk.

I add the words and more detail to the windows and figures and  the bike.  I add in the sidewalk curb to give the foreground an interesting horizontal line to coincide with the cafe's linear movement.   The paint is thick.  The strokes are spirited and very impressionistic.  I made adjustments to the waiter and added a red tie. I gave the chairs, windows and all the figures  more attention.  I set the piece aside to dry.

This painting took a lot longer than I anticipated.  They usually do.  I was finally ready to put the finishing strokes on this piece.  I added more detail throughout and finished the sidewalk. With all the detail going on in the painting, I wanted the sidewalk to be a bit quiet, yet fun and flavored with the colors reflecting off the yellow cafe and figures.  Each stroke brings me closer to being completed and I could quit at any time now.  Being the perfectionist I am, I go over the entire painting with a keen eye and make minor adjustments with a #2 filbert.  I add some lines in the sidewalk to pull the eye into the piece and additional shadows on the building, figures and under the bicycle.  The hue on the sidewalk coincides with my green door on the left and the fun yellow.  I am pleased, finally and the painting is ready to be photographed, signed, framed and shipped off to the gallery.

I chose a black gallery frame that has a built in warm gold ribbed fillet to frame in the piece.
                                      "Sidewalk Cafe #2"oil on panel, 12" x 16"  

I love this painting and was proud to sign my name to it.  

            This painting SOLD two days after it arrived at                                            The Greenberg Gallery, Santa Fe, NM!!

I am always adding additional paintings to my website. Let me know if you enjoyed seeing the progression from start to finish of one of my paintings.  

I would love to hear from you. 

This is my first blog with my new website and I would love to have you sign up as one of my cherished followers.  I will be posting new works, events and surprises!

Visit my new website: and contact me!


Thank you for enjoying my art.


September McGee

Elected Member, Allied Artists of America, NY