Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Miraculous Monday from September McGee Studios

"Cafe Series - The Hills Hotel - Bar #1 - First Date"

"The Hills Hotel - Bar #1 - First Date" is the first in this brand new series. I met this gorgeous model at my summer show and she agreed to model for me. As it turns out we did our modeling session at the Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills, CA and what a treat. There were many different locations from the lobby to the bar and more. I was in heaven - a dream location. a dream model! Jacqui was prepared with dresses and shoes and an effervescent personality. We began the modeling session and it was magic from beginning to end. Our concerted efforts paid off and I was thrilled with the incredible photographs of this beautiful woman on my camera. How lucky can you get?!

I have been biting at the bit to begin painting some of these images and plan on doing many large ones. This is a small study to get my brushes rolling and get familiar with my model. I just love the palette that evolved and the stance of this gorgeous model is so innocent and endearing.

We had so much fun doing this modeling session and I can't say thank you enough to Jacqui for her beautiful spirit, for modeling and for lending me her Dad's hotel for the evening.

On this Miraculous Monday I wish you FUN! and miracles...small and large. Look for them. You might be surprised to find them everywhere!


September McGee