Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday News - New Art Awards from Impressionist Artist September McGee

"Streets of New York - Times Square November Rain on 47th Street"

Fabulous News!
This painting was accepted into the 
 Paint America top 100 National Exhibition!!

This is an oil painting on panel from my
Streets of New York Series.
The night was freezing, but electric and I stayed out
taking photo references until my hands froze to the
camera.  I was determined to capture the energy
of the city. How lucky I was to get the
carriage, the people, the umbrellas and the
feel of the night in this piece!
Notice the walk sign.  I stood in the
street until the cabbies were ready to
mow me over, but I got it!

Determination, hard word and
perseverance always pay off.
Creativity is all about sticking
with it, confidence and
loving what you do.

Wishing you all a creative Thursday
filled with art, laughter
and magic.


September McGee

Impressionist Artist, Laguna Beach Artist,
Women artists, American Impressionist, oil paintings