Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Honoring Beautiful Women in Paintings

"Couch Series - Champagne Thoughts"

Painting is a gift I am fortunate to have.
An even greater gift is the gift of friends.
And an even better gift is to combine
what I love to do with the people I
love to be with!

This is a painting of a beautiful woman,
 Elaine. She is a gifted writer
as well as a wonderful friend.
The painting is an oil on linen
done in impressionist style
and captures the essence of
a truly beautiful woman!

Our walls would be empty without art.
Our lives would be truly empty
without the gift of friends.

Hope your day is filled with
laughter, joy and
friends today!


September McGee

woman artist, Laguna Beach Artist, figurative artist, impressionist artist,
american impressionist, oil painting