Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Continues with Creations from Impressionist Artist September McGee

"Happily Married"

This is an oil on linen of a wonderful
happily married couple who are
planning to sail around the world!
It is so wonderful when you
meet happy people who are
happy together. It is an honor to
know them and an even bigger
honor to paint them!

Continue the Valentine love this week.

Love your animals.
Love your kids.
Love your spouse.
Love your neighbors.
Love your enemies.
Love being alive.
Love what you do.

and most importantly

Remember, love is a verb.
It is the loving things we do
in this world that make the
biggest difference.

Get creative. Go see my art.


September McGee

Women artists, Impressionist Artis, American artist,
Laguna Beach Artist, American Impressionist,
Figurative Painter, oil painter