Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mid Week Creations!

"Streets of New York - Times Square November Rain on 47th street"

This piece is one of my Rainy Day Series
from the Streets of New York. This is
an oil painting on panel
and is showing at the Cottage Gallery in Laguna Beach

It wa a cold rainy night and I was with camera
combing the streets at Times Square looking
for the right arrangement of people and
stores...and I found it. As you can
see the walk light is on which is when I grab
the opportunity to stand in the middle
of the street and take as many pics as
I can before the cabbies run me over!

This wa a very involved piece and took a while to
paint and I am very happy with the results.

Take time today to view some art, smile
and enjoy the middle of the week!


September McGee

oil painter, woman artist, impressionist artist,
american impressionist, figurative painter