Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art Walk and Art Talk!

"Couch Series - Sharon"

This is an oil on linen of a beautiful
woman, Sharon.  She is not only
gorgeous but intelligent, sweet,
caring and fun to be around.
We had a great time during her
modeling session and I tried
to capture the essence of Sharon
in this painting. I do have a
penchant for rendering
figurative artwork.

Tonight is Art Walk in Laguna Beach, CA
and all the galleries are open for
visitors to come and view all the
art work.  If you can't come tonight
you can visit my
gallery by just clicking on

It's a great day for viewing and
enjoying art.  Take a few moments
and relax into some paintings.
It's good for the heart and soul.

Without art, our walls would be empty!

September McGee

American Impressionist, Laguna Beach artist,
Impressionist artist, oil painter, figurative artist,
California artist, woman artist