Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Creations with American Impressionist Aritist September McGee

Cafe Series - The Red Dress
Private Collection

This is an oil on panel of a beautiful
woman as part of my Cafe Series
and purchased by an even more beautiful woman!

I love to paint with the color red!
Years ago few women dared to wear red.
Today it so wonderful to see this color
being donned by women everywhere.
Red is certainly a color of passion and
even Feng Shui includes this color
in making your home balanced.

Let's be bold and passionate today
about what truly makes us excited and
happy.  Step out of your box today
and do something you have always wanted
to do, but haven't yet.
Have the most incredible liberating
day and spread your joy and
freedom to everyone you meet.

Wonderful Wednesday Blessings!

September McGee