Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Musings with American Impressionist September McGee

"At the Met Series - A Visit with Monet"

I love the Metropolitan Museum in
New York! It houses some of the most
amazing art work in the world!!!
This series - At the Met grew from
my many visits and watching 
people stand in front of masterpieces.
Each painting seems to draw in the
viewer and invites them to linger,
enjoy as they lose themselves in
the work of art.

This is an oil on Senso linen
of a woman having a visit with
Monet in his gallery at the Met.
She is a lovely woman and how
lucky am I she was wearing a red scarf
with a red purse!

May all your creations today
big and small
be full of the wonder and joy
of the unlimited potential
within you.

Happy Monday Blessings!

September McGee