Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all our Armed Forces from American Impressionist Artist September McGee

First Sergeant Harvey E. Walden IV

Merry Christmas to all and especially to everyone serving in our Armed Forces!

This is a commissioned portrait I was honored to paint of
Sergeant Harvey E. Walden IV
who served in the United States Marines for over twenty years!

What an honor it is to be commissioned to paint him. 

Kimberley Locke with commissioned portrait.

His girlfriend, Kimberley Locke, second runner up in American Idol, Season 2, asked me to paint Harvey as a special surprise for him for Christmas.
Kimberley who is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out, can sing!
This girl has the pipes.  She can sing county and she can sing blues and she can sing anything!  Have you heard her lately.  She just worked with Randy Jackson cutting a new single and you better go out and get it.  She ROCKS! Will keep you posted on its arrival.  In the interim go get her CD's she is unbelievable.

Kimberley and Harvey have been together for over two and a half years and they are the awesome couple of the century.  Harvey works on TV's Celebrity Fit Club and can get anyone in shape.  He has served our country and now he is giving  back even more helping people to get fit and stay in shape.

It all started when Hollywood Hairy Guy, Dean Banowitz (Dean Bano to me), MASTER of hair and former hairstylist for American Idol recommended me to Kimberley to do the portrait.  Dean does my hair and this guy cuts my hair so well I barely have to lift a finger to make my blonde locks look great. 

So here's the win win win situation.  Want to know anything and everything about hair go to Dean Bano, Hollywood Hair Guy and get the latest scoop on tresses and cuts and color.....want to hear the best in music from the most amazing woman check out Kimberley Locke....want to get in shape from the
US Marine who has the best plan to get you there,
check out First Sergeant Harvey E. Walden IV

Now that's a Christmas package you can't go wrong with. 
Its the gift of a, music and getting in shape...which leaves art...and that's where I come in....and believe me I can think of no bigger honor as an American Artist, than to be asked to paint someone who has helped keep this wonderful country of ours safe and free.  Everytime I put a brushstroke on Harvey's portrait I was in awe. 

Everyone who has served this wonderful country of ours ROCKS and I am ever so grateful to all of you for your unselfish gift of keeping the United States of America free.  I am so proud to be an American.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will keep posting this for several more days, so please add your comments and your well wishes to all who are serving our country both here and abroad.  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and come home are in our hearts and prayers.

with Christmas blessings

American artist September McGee

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