Sunday, December 20, 2009

American Impressionist Art for the holidays!

Symphony #3 - pastel on board

This piece has a wonderful provenance:
won the Presidents Award at the PSWC 2009
was also accepted into the Allied Artist National Exhibition, NY,

the Richeonson Pastel Exhibition 2009 and
just accepted in the IAPS National Juried Exhibition in 2010!

What a fabulous time of year....full of cheer...and fun!

Did you know that art brings more joy to you and your home
throughout the year...that's is not only one of the
best investments, it is time tested international medium for sharing
love, beauty and memories.

As an artist I invite you to come into my world this holiday
season and observe my impressions. I offer these as my
gifts to you and all my friends, collectors and viewers.
Happy Sunday and hope your day is filled with joy and laughter
and making fabulous memories.

September McGee