Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve from American Impressionist Artist September McGee

You Want What!
Santa is coming tonight and we have all asked him for many things over the years.
Many times we got exactly what we wanted, other times we received something
unexpected and even more special than we imagined.

As an American I am proud to have the freedom we enjoy. As an artist I am thrilled to be able to capture some of these moments on canvas which will last my lifetime and many more.

This is a painting of my daughter asking Santa for toys. When she was very young I had to sit on more Santa's laps than I want to say. Now she is grown (22 years old) and won't be home for Christmas.  It is our first Christmas not together. If I could ask Santa for anything it would be have her here with me for the holidays.  But I will celebrate when she does come home and will be grateful that she is safe and happy and healthy and that she is my best friend.  You can't get any luckier than that!

So I wish you all on this Christmas Eve, dreams come true, Christmas miracles (and there are many) and a happy wonderful holiday filled with laughter, fun and
wonderful memories.

Merry Christmas to all!

September McGee