Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new Year from American Impressionist Artist September McGee

Angel of Gratitude

Happy New Year.  Welcome to 2010!!!!
This is going to be a tremendous year.

Hope you all got to see the Blue Moon last night
and how gorgeous and brilliant the moon was.
This is rare to have a blue moon on the last day of the year. 
All said...a great omen.
I am sending all of you the Angel of Gratitude to remind us all
to count our blessings today and
make room for wonderful new blessings
heading our way this year.

I am very grateful to be an American.
I am even more grateful to be a woman artist
and published author and to be able to continue
to create paintings and offer my art
to the world.  It is a joy to live in California
and Laguna Beach is just beautiful.

My newest pastels and oil paintings have garnished
so many awards and this year I plan to raise the bar even further.
As an American Impressionist I am proud
to be an artist and I thank you all
for enjoying my art.

I wish all of you the best year ever!
To good health, lots of laughter,
wonderment and of course
great art!

All the best

September McGee

p.s. look for tomorrows blog....breaking news on
latest art award and honor!