Thursday, January 28, 2010

Every day is a new beginning - I am grateful for each new day!

"Angel of Gratitude"

The "Angel of Gratitude"
mixed media with gold leaf
on board

Each day we have the choice of choosing
each second how we feel.
Choose happiness!
Choose laughter!
Choose helping others!
Choose moving forward!
Choose positive words
and actions!
Choose being the BEST
person you can be!
Choose being GRATEFUL
for all you have!

Today I wanted to share this angel
with you to bless your day as she
does mine each and every morning.

I am so grateful to be an artist
and share my works with so
many wonderful collectors.
It is a gift I am grateful for each
and every day.

I am grateful to my sisters,
my friends,
my daughter Kailee
and to everyone who blesses
my life.

Thank you.

September McGee

"Angel of Gratitude" is available
from my studio.

oil painter, woman artist, impressionist artist,
american impressionist, kailee mcgee
laguna beach artist