Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mid Week Creations with American Impressionist Artist September McGee

"Couch Series - A Special Night"

This is an oil on an Italian Pannelli panel
and is a brand new piece as part of
my Couch Series!

I just finished the final touches of this
piece and wanted to showcase it
in todays creative musings.
The model for this painting
attended my Gala Reception
for my Solo Exhibition.
She is a gorgeous woman
inside and out and
an honor to know
and love!

"I too attended September McGee’s Gala Reception and have to say that there were so many gorgeous themes in September's array of paintings - many of my friends commented on the Street Car and also the orchestra paintings. I had too many favorites to choose just one as I'm a big fan of all of her amazing work. What a lovely night to be surrounded by such beauty and the fact that September’s energy is so warm and inviting."

Avis Wrentmore


September McGee