Monday, May 21, 2012

FISH PAINTINGS BRING GOOD FORTUNE by American Impressionist September Mcgee

 "Three Fish #1"
oil on Italian Panel
"Three Fish #2"
oil on museum panel

Feng shui has been practiced in the Far East for over five thousand years and is a traditional Chinese design system based on positive energy called Chi.


According to Feng shui, different people have different energy needs. These energy needs can be fulfilled by different objects, paintings, colors placing and putting them in right place of your house. 


My  new paintings of fish - still drying in my studio - represent more than just fun, colorful paintings!

Fish represent wealth - strength and prosperity.

RED is the Chinese color of luck and happiness.
and love, romance, courage and passion in the West and signifies richness and luxury and helps promote fame.

YELLOW represents cheerful and uplifting and is basically the color of FUN
and increases self esteem and strengthens overall health and well being.

The number THREE  (that's the number of fish in each painting)
represents creation in the Chinese tradition, the holy divinity in western religions and the Tao tells of the great Triad - heaven - mankind - earth.

My new paintings of FISH are packed with great energies to bring all of the best and good fortune to all!

I came up with the idea to paint some fish which then required a great deal of where am I going to get some whole fish (eyes, tails and all)?  Luckily I found a friendly and very accommodating fish market in San Clemente, CA - Billy's.  What a great new find for fresh fish and fun foods!  Several phone calls later with Billy and Charly I was on my way to meet my newest models - Inkin, Blinkin and Nod!
They were fun to paint but under a hot model's lamp the necessity of 
painting as fast as I could was mandatory.  
Will I do more paintings of fish? if you know just never know.

I am happy with the results and thrilled that the great energies of
fish, red and the #3 are bringing the good fortune we all deserve!

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September McGee