Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Creations on a Wonderful Wednesday by September McGee

"Summer Rain"
24" x 18" oil on linen

"Summer Rain" is a brand new creation that took on its own specialness when a customer of mine decided she wanted a woman on the beach done in greens in my "rainy day" technique.
Her name is Jacqui and I would meet her, albeit too briefly, most summers in my booth.  Last year, however, Jacqui, with her huge giving heart, was taking care of a friend on hospice in North Carolina.  She shared her story with me about her friend Ms. Sherry and what a kind and giving person she was.  I decided I would take pictures of my walks by the ocean and sunsets and send them to Ms. Sherry to give her heart some beautiful images and some love from the west coast.  She wasn't suppose to last very long, but she surprised everyone and she made it to see her new grand child,  Christmas and more!  With all the sunsets and gorgeous Laguna seascapes I sent, "Summer Rain" was the last image Ms. Sherry saw and she loved it. A painting cannot leave my studio until I am absolutely certain it is ready to go.  I just finally shipped it up to Jacqui and it arrived on Valentine's Day - the perfect day for a woman with a huge loving heart!
....and she LOVED it!

Every painting has a story...a beginning... with the idea....a middle... with the photo session and the creation itself...and an ending...the home where it was meant to be!  "Summer Rain" was in the works for almost a year.  Jacqui blessed me by coming to my home/studio around my birthday and we shared Veuve Cliquot (there is no other) and knoshed, laughed and I turned her onto Brie with chopped
red onions... let's not leave off the chocolate covered strawberries and other scrumptious sweets.
It was most endearing to spend quality time with this amazing woman. She brought along a friend AND her new sweetheart, who happens to be her old sweetheart! Yes, they found each other once again and act like sixteen year olds!!!  Jacqui has found love. Each night as I went to work on "Summer Rain" I asked this painting what love can I give you?  Then and only then would I paint.  My desire was for Jacqui to love what I created for her. The gods were kind to me as I painted with love I learned to love my art once again... all because of the love of one humble, energetic, caring woman.  Did I mention she use to be a nurse.

I believe this painting will always remind us of the love we all shared - Ms. Sherry, Jacqui, Mitch and myself and how wonderful it is that art can convey the most powerful and wondrous feeling in the world - LOVE from its creation and for eternity.  Thank you Jacqui, for sharing your kindness and unending giving of yourself to others and for loving my work!  I still take pictures of the sunsets and so thanks to Jacqui and Ms. Sherry look for several exciting sunset paintings due out this summer!

I wish you all love today and all days!


September McGee