Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year - May it be your best year ever! From artist September McGee

"Streets of New York - Red Umbrella V"

Ending the year with one of my favorite series of paintings, my Rainy Day and Streets of New York.  I just love the palette of color and the thickness of the strokes.  These renderings are fun and I am thrilled to end the year with a painting I really like!

May the year 2011 bring you much joy,love,  happiness, good health, prosperity and may each day find you happier than the day before and laughing...a lot!

May you retire each night with gratitude and wake each morning with a desire to be better than yesterday.  Be the best person you can be, give of yourself and the rewards will be plenty. There is a calling for each of us.  May this year find you brimming with joy as you discover your calling and follow your dreams.  May all your moments be extraordinary and your heart filled to capacity.

Happy 2011!!!


September McGee